The General Director of UTair" appealed for help to the government

The General Director of UTairCEO of the group "UTair" Andrey Martirosov appealed to the government for support in negotiations with creditors. According to a source in the aviation industry, the top Manager was asked to assist in reaching agreements with the banks. To 20th January issue should be elaborated at the level of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. In the apparatus of the Deputy Prime Minister confirmed receipt of the letter, writes "Kommersant".Recall that in December of direct debt Debt to banks exceeded 63 billion rubles, total debt, including leasing reached 167,9 billion rubles most Actively debt charges "Alfa-Bank": he filed ten lawsuits against the carrier on the basis of which the police regularly arrested property. Yesterday arrested six helicopters company in the airports of Tobolsk and Tyumen.In parallel UTair developing new plans for the restructuring of the bonds of a series of ten to 12 years. At the end of 2014, a subsidiary of the carrier UTair Finance announced a technical default on several bond issues in the amount of about 3 billion rubles Yesterday "UTair-Finance offered to the holders of bonds of the fourth series and the exchange-traded bonds of three series to terminate the commitments under the existing bonds, providing compensation to their owners, and to issue new securities (maturity of 12 years, the nominal value of 1 thousand rubles), issued an initial payment. Read more -->

Ski parade. More than 30 thousand troops CVO will participate in the Universiade - 2015"

Ski parade. More than 30 thousand troops CVO will participate in the Universiade - 2015In XXXIII open all-Russian mass ski race "Ski track of Russia - 2015 8 February will bring together more than 30 thousand servicemen of military units of the Central military district, the students of Suvorov military and Presidential cadet schools, war veterans and military service, as well as members of military families.As told in the press service of the Central military district, in the race at five kilometers officers and soldiers will take part in regular ski and sports issued the form. After you cross everyone will be able to refresh yourself with hot tea and sandwiches on the heating personnel, deployed specifically for the competition.During these all-Russian competitions, servicemen who sports norms for cross-country skiing will be assigned sports categories or titles. . . . Read more -->

The UN was concerned for the Crimean addicts who stopped giving methadone

The UN was concerned for the Crimean addicts who stopped giving methadoneUN urged to pay special attention to the problems of the Crimean addicts: the organization argue that in the Crimea increased mortality among this group of citizens after the ban methadone treatment.Earlier in Russia resented the fact that for three years in the Crimea died 200 methadone patients. Now in the UN lead even more terrifying figures: less than a year he died before hundreds of people deprived of substitution therapy.Special envoy of the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon on AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Michel Kazatchkine, quoted DW-World, said that from 805 lived in the Crimea heroin addicts, who before joining Russia conducted methadone therapy, "80 to 100 already died. . . . . Read more -->

"Gazprom" will not refuse the payment of dividends because of the crisis

Gazprom has no plans to change the dividend policy of the company against the background of difficult market conditions, said the Deputy Chairman of the gas and holding the head of financial-economic Department Andrey Kruglov during the presentation of the company to the investor Day in Hong Kong.No change in dividend policy is not intended ... the Board decided to maintain the level of dividend payments at 25% of net profit under RAS. Changes in dividend policy in connection with the crisis, we do not see," said Kruglov.Gazprom pays dividends in the amount of 25% of non-consolidated profit according to RAS. Dividends 2013 increased by 20% to 7.2 per share. The draft budget of the Russian Federation in 2015 provides for the receipt from Gazprom to 68.8 billion rubles, says "Prime".In October of last year, Deputy head of financial-economic Department of "Gazprom" Alexander Ivannikov did not rule out the possibility of using the profits of the holding to Finance investment projects by reducing dividend payments. . Read more -->

In Perm began running new tramways

In Perm began running new tramwaysOn site street Maxim Gorky street from Pushkin to St. Peter and Paul began running tramways. Running the new tram tracks is performed using a mobile laboratory MUE Personalinjury". Employees are strongly encouraged drivers not to leave their cars on the tramways, reported the press service of the city administration.See also:-->To improve transport safety in Perm plan to revive the tram depot "Red October". . . Read more -->

"UTair" could not rescue helicopters and equipment from arrest

"UTair" failed to challenge the seizure of their property under the claim of "Alfa-Bank". The ninth arbitration court of appeal upheld the legality of the actions of bailiffs, who are deprived of the carrier 28 helicopters, security happens on the suit for $11.8 million, correspondent .Recall that the helicopters were arrested in Tobolsk and Tyumen. In addition, the arrest imposed on the airport property "UTair" Vnukovo: de-icing machines, ladders and other equipment.Alfa-Bank is the only lender airline, which requires injunctive relief on its claims in the courts. The carrier debts to airports and other contractors, but none of them tries to stop the work of "UTair". "Alfa-Bank" insists on repaying the debt and rejects the possibility of its restructuring.But Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich says that the carrier in the next few days will sign an agreement with the creditors: "On "UTair" model is being finalized. The understanding between the company, its shareholders and banks much better than it was in the beginning. Read more -->

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  • FMS agreed to extend the period of stay of Ukrainian military age in Russia
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  • In Perm detained drug addicts, posing as police
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